All of our students are offered help, advice and support if they have ‘special educational needs’. That is they have a learning difficulty or disability that makes it harder for them to learn than most children of the same age. This difficulty may be academic (e.g. reading or spelling), emotional, social, behavioural or in some cases physical. The college works with students throughout all key stages on the primary and secondary sites. Identifying a special educational need is the key to putting the right provision in place in the college and ensuring the young person moves forward to the most appropriate educational setting in the future whether that is a mainstream school or special school.

All staff particularly the Keyworker’s compile a dossier of information on the needs of the student. This information includes academic scores from range of tests that all students complete on entry to college including; LASS, Maths & Reading, CAT scores. Their emotional/social needs are assessed using SDQ (Strength & Difficulties Questionnaire and PASS (Pupil Attitude to Self & School). Interviews at the start help the college to learn why the student was excluded and how they feel about this process (many students and their parents/carers experience a high level of anxiety and uncertainty). Using this information the young person is placed in the most appropriate provision for their age and need.

If either the college or the parent feel that the young person has additional needs that will not be met without a more comprehensive assessment, an application for statutory assessment will be made to the LA. (Education Health & Care Plan EHC from September 2013).

In order that all young people make progress in college support by HLTAs in lessons is made available when appropriate. As a result of identifying need, this support may take many forms; creating writing frames/word banks to support literacy work, helping the student to stay focused by reducing incidences of poor behaviour and working closely with the teacher playing a part to modify the curriculum to meet the need of each student. Students may be withdrawn to access specialist programmes such as Rapid English or Counselling; to meet their emotional social needs.

Students in Key Stage 4 may require exam concessions and procedures are followed to ensure they have the best possible access to qualifications by having a reader or a scribe.

Cranbury College seeks to identify the unique qualities of each student and put in place programmes of academic or emotional support so that exclusion does not mean the end of their education. The college has seen life’s transformed and comments made by the young people and their parents/carers testify to this.
In 2016, Ofsted said “Pupils with additional special educational needs and those who are disadvantaged make progress at similar rates to other pupils in the college."
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