Behaviour Support Services (Cranbury College Outreach)

Working with Adults

Cranbury College Behaviour Support Services work as part of the Reading Borough Council School Improvement Team. Our specialist staff help schools to improve standards in behaviour and learning and provide specialist support to individual teachers and students who are struggling with emotional and behavioural challenges.

Our service is provided through the “service guide for schools and academies” Service Level Agreement (SLA). Full details of the support we offer and our charges can be found at the following link: We currently have an SLA with 33 Primary schools and 2 high schools.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our training and have worked to provide learning activities in local schools and academies, at national conferences, local education events and for education providers across London and the Thames Valley.

Working with Children

If your child is experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges in school that are negatively effecting their learning, the Head Teacher or SENCO may approach us for advice and support.  We will usually visit schools to observe your child in their classroom and to give advice to staff about how they can help them to make better progress.

Our Behaviour Support Managers chair Pastoral Support Programme meetings (PSPs), these meetings aim to get teachers, and you as a family, working together to create a plan of support for your child. Regular follow up meetings with you monitor their behavioural progress over time.

Sometimes a PSP is not enough and your child or your family may need other professionals from education, health and social care to work co-operatively. Behaviour support will often be part of a multi professional Team around the Child (TAC).

Our team of specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist may work alongside your child in school to provide extra support to school staff when action plans from PSPs and TACs need to be put into place.


Behaviour Support Manager Primary:
Sue Walker

Behaviour Support Manager Secondary/ CBT:
Anne-Marie Stewart-Wright
Behaviour Support Service
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