Students are put on Individual Learning Programmes if they are unable to attend any of the Cranbury College units.  This may be because they are medically ill, school phobic, have complex needs and are unable to cope in groups or simply because the College is full.

Timetables are tailored according to medical, social, academic, behavioural and emotional needs and are made up of 5 hours of tuition and a wide variety of enrichment activities.

We work with over 10 Enrichment Partners to deliver a high quality programme of activities to our students. Each programme has been crafted through collaboration with our diverse and highly regarded partners to encourage every pupil to reach their personal learning goals.

Each programme takes place in a variety of locations from libraries and community centres through to professional settings such as a garage, workshops, a pottery studio and even a farm!

Progress is monitored regularly and changes are made to ILPs whenever necessary to ensure that pupils are moving forwards with their programme and that they are constantly advancing and improving in their skills and knowledge.

Students' hours vary from around 5 per week to as much as 25 hours. The number of hours accessed usually increases as the student gains in confidence (and health). Tuition takes place in a variety of settings, students homes, local libraries, community centres, YMCA and if medical we aim to teach within the pupils school grounds before reintegrating them back into classes.

There are a wide range of accreditations available to students on ILP:

GCSEs, Functional Skills, AQAs, RockSchool, NCFE, NICAS, BCU paddle awards, Sports Leadership Award, Arts Award, ABC Awards for Motor Vehicle Studies.

When ready, pupils are encouraged to access some lessons within Cranbury College as a stepping stone to transitioning to the next stage. We are always looking to see how well the ILP meets the pupils needs and how the pupil can be helped to move on. As part of this, students with the most complex and challenging needs have access to a Transition Mentor and a Behaviour Support Officer who work with students to give them the skills and support they need to be able to move on with their goals. All Year 11/12/13 students also receive help and support from our Connexions worker.
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