At Cranbury College Primary, we offer a bespoke and individualised timetable to each of our pupils, in order to meet their specific needs.
Each term is topic-based, which ensures cross-curricular learning.

Reading, writing and maths are taught on a 1:1 basis, at the appropriate level for the individual pupil. These lessons are taught in a variety of settings, which best suits the learning style of each student.

We offer a vast range of alternative curriculum activities, which meet the emotional, social and mental health requirements of our pupils. These include therapeutic interventions such as massage, music, drama, play, equine, animal farm and art therapies.

Mentoring support and team building activities include hair and beauty, Reading Football Club, gymnastics, dance, boxing, gardening, Autoskills (mechanics programme) and The Outpost at Reading Play (team building and self-esteem raising).

In addition to this, as part of our curriculum we also offer cooking, art, ICT, sport and a variety of off-site enrichment trips and visits.

Educational support for our more vulnerable students is also available via Red Balloon Learner Centre.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to engage our students.

KS1 and KS2 SATS are offered to students who progress sufficiently to attempt them.
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