We know how traumatic exclusion and transition can be for your whole family. Our experienced staff are here to help. Cranbury College is the start of better times for many students and is a great place to work and learn. To get the most out of our provision we encourage parents to let us know if they feel we could do more to provide support for their child and family.

We encourage families to support learning and provide family learning experiences throughout the school year when parents and carers can come and work with their child and experience our unique learning environment. We can also work with parents individually at school or in their home, to help them develop learning activities to support their child’s learning.

At the start of any placement the Teacher-in-Charge will visit the family at home and organise a pre-admission visit to the unit. We then work with parents, the local authority and schools to plan a pathway for each child’s next educational step.

We look forward to welcoming new pupils to our family and enjoy keeping in touch with so many who have moved on to the next part of their journey.
Support for Families
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