All students at Cranbury College are expected to come to school ready to learn and must wear appropriate clothing.

Key Stage 4 and 5 are not expected to wear school uniform but they are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for an educational environment.

Key Stage 3 students are expected to wear the Cranbury College uniform.

Primary Students are expected to wear Cranbury College uniform.
School Uniform
Black or Grey Trousers or Skirt
Allowed School Uniform:
Black Trousers                                   
Grey Trousers                                    
Skirts (Sensible Length)

The Following Is Not Allowed:

Tracksuit Bottoms
Hot Pants
Leggings / Uncovered Tights
Black Polo Shirt or Plain Black T Shirt & Sweat Shirt
Allowed School Uniform:
Black / White Polo Shirt
Plain Black T shirt
Cranbury College Sweat Shirt

The following is not allowed:

Any Other T-Shirts / Sweat Shirts
Tracksuit tops
Sensible Shoes or Trainers
Allowed School Uniform:
Sensible shoes or trainers

The following is not allowed:

High heels,
Flip flops,
Jelly shoes
Steel toe cap,
Any inappropriate foot ware
Uniform Costs

Cranbury College sweatshirts and polo shirts are provided free with replacements available at £10.

Parents and carers are asked to inform the college if there is a problem with their child’s uniform so that spare uniform can be provided in the short term. Unfortunately parents may not request their child be excused from wearing uniform.
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